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What is We are an professional advertising portal that will deliver a deluge of autosurf traffic to your website starting the moment you join! When you are a member of our program your website is now part of a website traffic surfing community of over 100 managed autosurf traffic exchanges and it will be shown to tens of thousands of top autosurf users from around the world, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You can get thousands of hits to your websites daily!

All you have to do is sign up for a FREE account and open your browser and let our autosurf script do all the work for you to earning massive amounts of credits and pageviews for you each day. We'll start you off with 1,000 Free Credits in your account. You can easily allocate them any way you like amongst your urls and it takes just 2 minutes to get started. All that we ask is that you be an active part of the autosurf traffic exchange community and surf 250 sites (about 60 minutes of effortless auto surfing) each week. In return you'll get thousands of visitors to your sites and earn referrals and massive credits!

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Here is How It All Works. . .

  1. First you will need to signup for your own Free Member Account!
  2. Confirm your Registration when you receive our Welcome Email
  3. Then... you can login to your new Member Account and "Explore"
  4. Setup your own website links and assign them some Free Credits...
  5. You can Surf to Earn More Credits, Buy Advertising, Upgrade Account etc
  6. Its that easy, and new sites are usually approved within 24 hours
  7. Upgrade your account after learning how our system can work for you!
Here are Our Member Benefits. . .
  • 10 Second Timer on your Surfbar
  • 1000 FREE CREDITS are given to all New Members
  • Up to 5 urls are allowed for Free Member Accounts
  • Your sites are shown to thousands of people across 100 traffic exchanges
  • Earn Credits by visiting other member sites
  • Earn Credits by referring others
  • Win Extra Credits from Surfing Bonuses (pay close attention)
  • You can Purchase Banner Ads, Text Ads, or Paid to Click Ads
  • Paid Memberships available with more URLs, credits and more...
  • We disclose full membership and downline information to you
  • No popups, downloads, music, frame breakers, site rotators allowed!
  • Only one account is allowed per person
Simply SIGNUP and whenever you want to receive More Free Traffic just go into your account and click the 'Auto Surf' link. OR... you can set your Browser Start Page to your Auto Surf page!

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